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Chalkboards & Dreams

Candy Chang is an artist.  According to her website, she “likes to make cities more comfortable for people. She is a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, TED Fellow, and co-founder of Civic Center in New Orleans.”

Check out some images of the “Before I Die…” project in New Orleans:

Hope today’s art spark gives you some inspiration!



robot kabuki

Fantastic fusion of traditional and contemporary:

Art form: Kabuki



four-legged superheroes

Superheroes come in different forms.

This music video highlights the four-legged kind:

Artists: Swedish House Mafia



time is of the essence

For those who like music, architecture, and light shows, here is today’s musical spark:

Time is of the Essence


The buildings featured in the video were scheduled to be destroyed in Oslo, Norway…

Interesting use before demolition, yes?


Artists: Cold Mailman

Song Lyrics:




Hot + thirsty?

Need some good vitamins?

Interested in a super-easy smoothie recipe?

Beeeeee-hold, my amazing, refreshing, easy-to-make smoothie without a special fancy name!

You will need:

1 glass

1 blender

1/2 cup or 1 cup of whole frozen blueberries (the fresh kind that you put in a container and freeze the night before or the store-bought frozen kind in a bag that’s ready to go)

1 Dannon Light & Fit blueberry acai yogurt cup (one serving: 6 oz) –> I like to freeze some in advance for recipes like this one.

Cold water or ice cubes –> The amount depends on how thick you want your smoothie.  If the yogurt cup is frozen before using, you won’t need any ice cubes.

Directions: Add frozen blueberries, yogurt, and water (and/or ice cubes) in the blender.  Push the blender’s “smoothie” button or the pulse/chop/puree/etc. button until desired consistency.  It helps to stop the blender every so often and stir the ingredients around.  Add more water or ice depending on your preference.  Pour smoothie into your favorite glass and savor each frosty sip!




high five!

This set of images brought a smile to my face… Hope it gives you a smile, too!


For more information, a video, and lots of extra photos related to this improv project, check out:



Shirley the Elephant

Talk about strength of spirit and enduring friendships between an elephant & human and between elephant & elephant…

Part I on YouTube has a bit more background and Part II is below:

“No more chains.”

Break out the tissues people!



call me old-fashioned

I mailed off a bunch of handwritten thank-you notes today to a group of new colleagues in my professional network.  Call me old-fashioned, but there was something special about putting pen to paper, the kind of paper that is artsy-craftsy, colorful, and cut in unique shapes.  I selected a funny quote to write on one side of the card and then wrote a quick thank-you on the other side.  I hope that the notes bring smiles to those who receive them.

(Image source:



down but not out

What do you do when your team is losing 0 to 20 in the top of the fourth inning and your hopes of winning the Little League World Series are pretty much dashed?

Why you DANCE of course!  Yes, dance. 🙂

Article Excerpt:

One of those in tears was 11-year-old Vaughn Bergen, who was due up to the plate that inning. As tears poured down his face, Vaughn’s father approached. Luigi Bergen, a coach on the Aruban team, told his son, “You’re coming up [to bat] here. Do you want to do it crying or do you want to do it happily?”

Vaughn chose to do it happily. He stepped to the plate and grounded out to third.

Then, in the top of the fourth inning, as Asia-Pacific padded its lead with four more runs, ESPN’s cameras panned to left field and caught Vaughn Bergen doing … this:

“I was mad because we were not going to make it to the final,” Vaughn said when asked why he started dancing in the middle of Saturday’s game.

“My dad told me to enjoy myself, and I did.”





“Bizarre Love Triangle” on Ukuleles

A very catchy New Order cover:

The bloopers at the end are funny, too. 🙂


Musicians: Witchger Boys



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