meeting deadlines

I finished a project and it’s in the mail folks! Yes! 

It turns out that I needed a bit of inspiration… and it unexpectedly came in the form of my sister. 🙂  She was struggling to find a new job, put in daily efforts, and now her hard work has finally paid off.  I am very happy for and proud of her.

My original deadline for my project was “ages ago,” but I recently set a mental deadline (the absolute, for sure, no ifs, ands, or buts, last-last deadline kind) for today.  With the inspiration, I actually met the deadline yesterday!  I was motivated in the butt-in-seat, head down, in the zone, nothing can stop me now way.  It was great.

So I’m aware of advice related to deadlines (e.g., 14 Essential Tips for Meeting a Deadline and How to Meet Deadlines &  Boost Performance), but apparently I require some type of inspiration to help me complete projects.  I know what the rewards are if I meet a deadline, and I have resources to meet deadlines, but I guess I need a mental spark, something that is special with a bit of emotion.  I think this blog is helping with regular reminders of the “amazing” in the world, though now I’m realizing I also want (need?) to see and hear about the amazing in person for that extra push to get certain things done…

What do you think?



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