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Today’s musical spark:

Artists: Rihanna and Nicki Minaj



life in miniature

I came across this charming little YouTube video and thought I’d share a few lessons after viewing it:

#1 Growing up I learned that my family’s kitchen supplies were different from a lot of Americans.  It was strange at first to navigate my American grandmother’s kitchen.  I eventually got used to it during visits, but often missed utensils and ingredients from home.  It’s interesting how things that I thought were “normal” might be perceived as “abnormal” by others in the majority culture.  Little videos like the one below are a good reminder that there are a whole lot of people out there who can relate to my “normal.”

#2 I would have really liked this miniature set to have been available when I was a kid.  How cool would it have been to “play house” with stuff I actually recognized and liked?

#3 Sometimes working on a smaller scale is more interesting or fun.

#4 I’m guessing the person in the video is an adult, which makes me think of the lesson of tapping into your inner child.

#5 Cooking – whether for real or for play – can be a way to center, focus, or meditate.



No need to reinvent the wheel…

The following YouTube video shows you an excellent example of not messing with a good thing.

In other words, “Why reinvent the wheel if it is already working?” or “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 🙂

Awesome indeed!


consistency year after year

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was on television for many years.  I was quite fond of the show as a child and remember learning so much about people and the world in which we live.

Fred Rogers wrote the song “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” in 1967.  The song was used as the opening theme for each episode.  The YouTube clip below shows Fred Rogers singing the song from 1967 to 2000 – a lesson in consistency and making a difference…



a lesson from two pugs

Sometimes you just gotta be indifferent or unconcerned with what’s going on around you.  Getting overwhelmed by every little thing doesn’t help anyone, namely yourself…  The two pugs in the following YouTube clip show you exactly how to be underwhelmed:



Inspiration Montage

In the video below, you’ll see cuts from 40 famous movies which together make for one big inspirational speech:




I went for a run this evening.  It was tiring, but good.

I was on YouTube later and came across this inspirational piece. 

There are several lessons to draw from this video, but I’ll leave it to you to decide which are most important for your path:



a hug is all you need sometimes

Hugs help:






Baking Soda!

At an early age, I learned about the many uses of baking soda beyond its use in baking cakes from my American grandmother who was smart and frugal.  I learned more about baking soda as I got older and read about using “natural” products.

Do you have more suggestions beyond the ones listed below?


Cleaning Agent – A mixture of baking soda and warm water is quite useful for scrubbing sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.  You can use it to remove tarnish from silver, too.  Pots and pans can also get a good scrub with baking soda.  For laundry, baking soda can help with stains, odors, and softening clothes.  In addition, you can use some baking soda to clean off dirt and residue from certain fruits and veggies.


Deodorizing – A box or a small open container of baking soda can take care of unwanted odors in the refrigerator, lunch box, closet, recycling bin, or trash can.  You can also sprinkle it in shoes to freshen them up.  Some folks like to use baking soda on their carpets before they vacuum, but know that it might make the bag/container heavy or clog the system.  Baking soda can also be sprinkled in your garbage disposal or down the sink pipes or tub drains.


Emergencies – You can apply handfuls of baking soda to the base of small grease or electrical fires in the kitchen (but not in/on deep fryers).


Hygiene – You can use baking soda to exfoliate your skin, particularly as a face scrub.  You can also use baking soda a bit like toothpaste to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath.


Medical – Baking soda can help with heartburn, as well as help relieve itching from bug bites or poison ivy.



jazz enthusiasts

The New Hot 5, an American-based jazz band plays for a herd of cows in Autrans, France in the YouTube video below:


This reminded me of Mariachi Connecticut performing for a beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium:





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