quick $ tips

Here are a few financial tips that I’ve used recently and thought others might be interested in reading about…

1) I rarely use a paper phonebook anymore, but I happened to look in the back of mine the other day and noticed that there are coupons, and they are good ones, too.  I happily used one at a restaurant, which was a win-win: an affordable meal for me and money going to a local business. 🙂

2) Birthday clubs – I created an additional email address (e.g., Yahoo or Hotmail works just fine) so I could sign up for freebies on or near my birthday from area businesses.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got a free scoop of ice cream for my “half-birthday” from Baskin-Robbins.  I was expecting a once-a-year thing, but hey, ice cream is certainly appreciated more than once.

3) Skype.  Enough said.

4) The Oops Counter in the paint section of Lowe’s Home Improvement Store is a useful find.  I purchased a gallon of color paint today for $5.00 that was originally priced at $26.99.  If you are not picky about a color you need, check out the “mistakes” that just might be your “perfects.”

5) View and print coupons from online.  I am regularly impressed by how many deals can be had from spending just a few minutes on each store’s website.  Whether it’s Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, or H-E-B, there are usually relevant coupons to be printed and clipped.  Also pay attention to a grocery store’s bundled coupons.  For example, I learned pretty quickly that H-E-B has a deal called a “Combo Loco” where if you purchase one or two items, you get a bunch of additional stuff for free.  Sometimes the combos are a little strange or maybe include items you don’t need, so shop around to get the best deal.



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