life in miniature

I came across this charming little YouTube video and thought I’d share a few lessons after viewing it:

#1 Growing up I learned that my family’s kitchen supplies were different from a lot of Americans.  It was strange at first to navigate my American grandmother’s kitchen.  I eventually got used to it during visits, but often missed utensils and ingredients from home.  It’s interesting how things that I thought were “normal” might be perceived as “abnormal” by others in the majority culture.  Little videos like the one below are a good reminder that there are a whole lot of people out there who can relate to my “normal.”

#2 I would have really liked this miniature set to have been available when I was a kid.  How cool would it have been to “play house” with stuff I actually recognized and liked?

#3 Sometimes working on a smaller scale is more interesting or fun.

#4 I’m guessing the person in the video is an adult, which makes me think of the lesson of tapping into your inner child.

#5 Cooking – whether for real or for play – can be a way to center, focus, or meditate.




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