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I completed my first 10K in Texas today!  And on the beach no less!  Whoo-hoo!  It was a beautiful morning, not too hot or too cold.  Running on the packed sand was easier than the softer parts of the beach.  The sound of the waves was helpful for my focus.  Beachgoers were friendly and often smiled or said hello.  My only mishap was missing an important turn near the pier.  Since the slower runners lost track of the lead pack and there weren’t any signs pointing out which direction we were supposed to go, a few of us ended up running a bit farther than we were supposed to.  I guess these things can happen at smaller local races.  I was okay in the end and am proud that I finished.  A few blisters and some sore muscles, but I’m good overall.  And in true South Texas-style, I had some very yummy breakfast tacos and homestyle potatoes afterwards.  Port Aransas is definitely growing on me. 🙂

19th Annual Port Aransas Sand & Surf Beach Run – Finish Line:

Who would have thought I would run into a fellow Michigander?  It’s a small world.  Go Blue!  This lovely lady is in her 80s.  She informed me that I should keep moving at any age.  If I remember correctly, she won her age division for the 2-mile walk.




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