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Notes to Self While Traveling

I was recently out of town for a work trip.


Things that helped while traveling:

* Easy-to-read magazines, the kind that don’t require a lot of thinking… enough to keep you occupied on a plane or during wait times, but not overly so…

* Eye mask to help with deeper sleep, particularly when transitioning to different time zones.

* Lots of water to stay hydrated and keep my system relatively healthy since plane food and restaurant meals often have too much sodium.


Things that I thought would have helped but didn’t:

* Crocheting, which I anticipated to be relaxing and productive, but it just didn’t work out.

* Taking other/additional work with me…  Multi-tasking can have its drawbacks.

* Not checking email each day actually meant a build-up of work and sometimes delayed responses (business trip ≠ vacation).


Things that definitely did not help:

* Avoiding exercise…  Missing walks or running was just.not.good.  I managed a few morning yoga sessions in my hotel room, but I really needed to have done some cardio of some kind, too.

* Bringing a suitcase that was one size too small made for a very heavy carry-on backpack and less space for accumulated work-related materials and souvenirs for the trip home.

* Lack of vitamins…  Silly me, I didn’t want to deal with the “inconvenience” of vitamins, and I t-o-t-a-l-l-y felt the difference.  Next time, I will figure out how to continue my vitamin routine while away.


Things I was grateful for:

* Lovely little hot towels should be on all long-haul flights and domestic flights if you ask me.

* Small kindnesses from strangers included taller folks helping me store items in the overhead compartments, instructions on how to operate some gadget-y things, and pointing me in the right direction as needed.

* Free internet – enough said. 🙂


shake it out people

Today’s musical spark:

Artists: Florence + The Machine



stop & smell the roses

“Stop and smell the roses” is an old saying.  I don’t know much about the phrase’s origins, but it’s basically a gentle reminder to slow down and take your time, to just be, and to be grateful and happy for the beauty (and opportunities) around us.

Each time I go to the grocery store, I literally stop and smell the roses.  Try it some time.  You might like it. 🙂



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