the benefits of peer pressure

Today’s funny & healthy spark:



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  1. I love this commercial … “Dude, seriously, that is so gross!” … I NEED three hot guys following me around saying the same thing … !!! My willpower is awful!

    • LOL! While three guys might do the trick, I somehow think the middle school kids can pull off that tone better. 🙂 And what are you talking about regarding willpower? Your will is so strong and in a good way! Maybe when you don’t feel like you have it, perhaps you can create structures or an environment to facilitate your goals?

      • You are too kind … when it comes to eating (primarily SNACKING), I need all the help I can get!! It DOES help that Ron HAS to control his snacking (so I feel guilty when I eat something he can’t), but it doesn’t ALWAYS work. Like you say, I need to create an environment that will help …. hmmm …

        • Yeah, coming up with a helpful environment personally can be hard. If it wasn’t for Pluto, for instance, I would probably not walk or jog as much as I do. I am also slowly giving in to the fact that unless I sign up for a charity walk or race as well I will not stay as in good shape. Sometimes the obligations or guilt can be used for good. 🙂

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