down memory lane

Sometimes to get a real sense of where you are it helps to think of where you’ve been.  Sure we can think of all of the hardships we’ve endured, but we can also think of the happy times.  If you went down memory lane, what would you find?



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  1. Jennifer ~ This is CRAZY!!! Shortly after I started watching it, I began traveling down memory lane … and I was WATCHING what I was remembering!! Without looking at your tags (Malaysia), it totally reminded me of my days at Methodist Primary School (in Petaling Jaya)! Granted this is more current than 1969-70 when I was there, but some of it was sooooo reminiscent of my days at MPS ~ the desks, the uniforms (regular and for PE), the school supplies, even the “PUNISHMENT” (at 5:30) ~ we held our ears and stood on chairs JUST LIKE THAT(we just didn’t do knee bends, as we were only in Standard 2)!!! TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!

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