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Let’s go, Matt, let’s go!

Today’s inspirational spark:

YouTube Description:

Matt has Spastic Cerebral Palsy, but opted to run in Field Day at Colonial Hills Elementary School despite being given the option to sit it out and despite the incredible challenge of his disability. What transpires is a boy who is filled with determination and a school of children who spontaneously come together and inspire Matt and everyone of us to do and be better.




Today’s inspirational spark:

“Each man is a hero and an oracle to somebody.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Making word clouds with Wordle is fun:

They make a great addition to websites or you can print them out for gifts.

[Example – I framed one for a co-worker after using her name and adjectives to describe her.]

First click “Create.” Paste a bunch of text into the box (or use a website address). Then play around with the fonts, colors, and word positions.


  • If you type the same word in the box multiple times (e.g., three or more), the larger it will appear in the final design.
  • To save the final design, take a screen shot and then save it in a JPEG format or other suitable format.
  • The FAQ page is quite helpful:



marvelous maru

Today’s funny spark:





geeky rainbow

Just in case you need HTML codes for different colors in one place, here’s a useful link:






A friend recently introduced me to, a site that has some fantastic veggie recipes.

I can personally vouch for the tasty vegan mac & cheese recipe, which we enjoyed last Saturday:

As with all vegetarian- or vegan-friendly recipes, they are their own thing, so some folks will love ’em and others will still miss or prefer the “original” versions.



like a tiger

Today’s funny spark:



simple order

How clever!



oh mondays

Today’s funny spark:




Stamp Out Hunger Today

The United States Postal Service sponsors an annual food drive:

If you have any extra non-perishable food items (e.g., canned goods, rice, pasta, and bottled juice – no glass containers, though), please place a bag with your donations by your mailbox for your letter carrier to pick up and bring to a local food bank or pantry.

Today’s the day – Saturday, May 12, 2012 – to help stamp out hunger. 🙂

Here’s my bag:



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