The Great Outdoors

Seven steps to an awesome weekend:

Step 1. Be Princess for a Day at Wimberley Zipline Adventures in Texas Hill Country –


Step 2. Climb Prayer Mountain‘s 214 steps to see tons of butterflies at the top and some fantastic panoramic views of the Wimberley Valley –



Step 3. Set up camp in a gorgeous location like Guadalupe River State Park


Step 4. Laugh at the terribly burnt ugly breakfast pancake that only kinda-sorta tasted good.


Step 5. Laugh at the clever raccoon who unzipped (!) a bag and stole some veggie burgers, but decided that the raw stuff just didn’t hit the spot.


Step 6. Skip rocks on the Guadalupe River, or in my case, try to skip rocks a bunch of times; I was successful once. 😉


Step 7. Stand in absolute awe of the Natural Bridge Caverns (and ignore the hyper-frizz out of your curly hair that results from 99% humidity) –





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  1. It looks like it was a fabulous time!!! Glad you were able to “get away” … 🙂

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