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on becoming

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increase cardio

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helpful hint

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puppy protest

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ocean theme

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razor sharp

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Today’s inspirational spark:

At first I was disappointed that I couldn’t take a big trip during spring break…and then these two decided to teach me a thing or two about how to enjoy a staycation…good job puppies!


grown-up stuff

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until then

Today’s funny spark:

Do you know of more? 😉

  1. Bye Bye, Dragon Fly
  2. Bye Now, Moo Cow
  3. Farewell, Gazelle
  4. Gonna hit the road, spotted toad.
  5. Good Night, Ticks & Mites
  6. Good Wishes, Little Fishes
  7. Goodbye butterfly!
  8. Gotta Bail, Whale
  9. Gotta Bail, Snail
  10. Gotta Bolt, Colt
  11. Gotta Go Sleep, Sheep
  12. Gotta Go, Buffalo.
  13. Gotta Jet, Ferret
  14. Gotta Scat, Cat
  15. Gotta Scat, Rat
  16. Gotta Skadaddle, Cattle
  17. Hasta mañana, iguana
  18. Hit the Street, Parakeet
  19. I’m Flyin, Lion
  20. I’m heading south, Cottonmouth.
  21. Nice Talkin, Dolphin
  22. On My Way, Blue Jay
  23. On The Road, Toad
  24. Peace Out, Trout
  25. See Ya There, Bear
  26. See ya, wouldn’t wanna Bee ya!
  27. See you soon, Baboon
  28. See you soon, Raccoon
  29. See You, Cockatoo
  30. Stay loose, Bull Moose
  31. Take care, Brown Bear
  32. That’s All For Me, Queen Bee
  33. ‘Til then, Penguin


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