Partner Projects

1. Since 2006, I worked on a wikipedia-like project about Indonesia called “Indopedia.”  In early 2011, I migrated the site to a new location to make it more user-friendly and up-to-date.  The newer, fresher, dynamic project is called “Indonesia Inquiry.”  It is a resource portal for Indonesian issues and can be found at 

2. I have always enjoyed traveling so writing about my adventures afforded me a way to experience the joy again later and perhaps re-learn some lessons as needed.  Most of my past travel tips related to Australia, Indonesia, and the United States are at .  In case the aforementioned link doesn’t work, you can find my comments under “JennyPenny” at .

3. I also used to have a personal blog (2006-2009) that reflected my thoughts and experiences as a graduate student living and working for a good chunk of time in Indonesia and later back and forth between the U.S. and Australia.  The blog was called “Jenny’s Journies” and it is at . The link sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, so you may have to use a keyword search to read the archived posts.

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