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sugar rush

Today’s healthy spark:

I happened to come across Grace Nasri’s post “10 Energy Drinks Not Worth the Sugar Rush” (06/21/11) over at and was pretty surprised by the comparisons made on the photo slideshow.  I knew that energy drinks had a lot of sugar in them, but wow!  I teach a night class and over time I noticed a variety of brands that my students use, and well, I’m thinking they probably don’t know these details:

You can find more complete (and interesting) comparisons of different energy drinks at .  There are also statistical charts for sports drinks, yogurts, protein powders, protein bars, chips, and soda on that website.  Goodness, there sure are a lot of unhealthy “healthy products” out there… 

I wish more folks knew about AdvoCare Spark as a much better alternative.  I wrote a very brief post last year about it here.  This kind of reminds me of several years ago when I was using Skype while I lived abroad and very few people had any idea about what I was talking about, let alone any kind of willingness to try it out at the time. *wink*


exercise routine (funny)

Today’s funny & healthy spark:



Paws for a Cause

My dog and I participated in a charity walk this evening.  It was lots of fun… well, minus the part when my dog rolled in a dead opossum on the hiking trail, but let’s focus on the positive overall experience, shall we? 🙂 

Paws for a Cause website description:

“The Paws for a Cause program is a dog walking fundraiser offered in conjunction with the Recreational Sports Department and the Women’s Center within the Division of Student Affairs at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  The purpose of this program is to raise awareness of breast cancer, as well as local animal adoption opportunities, while raising funds for First Friday, a local organization that partners with Christus Spohn Hospital.  First Friday is the primary beneficiary for this event, as the funds raised from admissions to the event are donated to this organization in order to underwrite free mammograms for South Texans in need.”

The dog tolerated my silliness for a few seconds so I could take his photo.  I think the sunglasses looked better on him. 🙂










A Great Dane with fairy wings!





Even their bottoms were pink!








Knows how to shake and be stylish…







A bikini beauty…



This woman is inspiring:

She has recently pursued her educational dream after many years of doing other things, namely raising a family and running a business.  When asked how she does it all, I was particularly interested to hear about her morning routine, which consists of inspirational reading (for her it is religious texts), a Spark Energy Drink, and then a run.  I find that this combination is very useful to me, too, though I usually walk the dog more than run. 🙂

I have been using Spark since June 12th of this year, and it’s been a great way to get vitamins in a drink form.  Because I’m petite and sensitive to caffeine, I don’t use a full scoop of powder, however.  A quarter of the scoop is pretty sufficient unless I plan on going for a long run in which case I use half or more of a scoop.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite conservative when it comes to health products, so I did a lot of research prior to making a purchase and started off slowly with the Advocare line of products.  I ended up liking the product so much that I became a distributor if you can believe it (!).  If you want to know more information, please visit .



finish line

I completed my first 10K in Texas today!  And on the beach no less!  Whoo-hoo!  It was a beautiful morning, not too hot or too cold.  Running on the packed sand was easier than the softer parts of the beach.  The sound of the waves was helpful for my focus.  Beachgoers were friendly and often smiled or said hello.  My only mishap was missing an important turn near the pier.  Since the slower runners lost track of the lead pack and there weren’t any signs pointing out which direction we were supposed to go, a few of us ended up running a bit farther than we were supposed to.  I guess these things can happen at smaller local races.  I was okay in the end and am proud that I finished.  A few blisters and some sore muscles, but I’m good overall.  And in true South Texas-style, I had some very yummy breakfast tacos and homestyle potatoes afterwards.  Port Aransas is definitely growing on me. 🙂

19th Annual Port Aransas Sand & Surf Beach Run – Finish Line:

Who would have thought I would run into a fellow Michigander?  It’s a small world.  Go Blue!  This lovely lady is in her 80s.  She informed me that I should keep moving at any age.  If I remember correctly, she won her age division for the 2-mile walk.



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