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Today’s inspirational art spark:




Today’s art spark:


Negative Space (STScI-PRC2007-41a), 2008
Photographic mural, 11′-4″ x 12′-6″
Installation view, Hammer Projects: Mungo Thomson, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Photo: Josh White

Image from

Artist: Mungo Thomson (


kite ballet

Today’s art spark:


hitting pay dirt

Today’s art spark:

Scott Wade is the dirty car artist ( –





point taken, sir


Artist: Chuck Close

Modern Music Fusion

On April 14, 2011, a musician by the name of Kevin Olusola uploaded the following video to YouTube.  The arrangement for cello and beatbox gives “Julie-O” by Mark Summer a different spin:



Kevin Olusola is an accomplished cellist, saxophonist, beatboxer, and composer.  His personal website is .  According to his biography, Kevin combines jazz, classical, and hip-hop influences with beatboxing to create his own special style of music.


I appreciate this artist’s creativity and how he finds ways to fuse seemingly disparate musical approaches into a cohesive whole.  He’s making his own path, but building bridges in the process.



Art Taken to New Heights

The other day I read a CNN article about an artist who takes her art to new heights.  The piece can be found here:

The article immediately caught my eye with its opening lines: “Janet Echelman never studied sculpture or architecture, and she was rejected by each of the seven arts schools she applied to after college. Yet in an unlikely turn of events, she has become a pioneering creator of enormous flexible sculptures that are beginning to enliven the world’s cities.”

Aren’t these just m-a-g-n-i-f-i-c-e-n-t?

To learn more about her work and hear a recent TED Talk titled “Taking Imagination Seriously,” visit her webpage by clicking here.



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