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attitude of gratitude

Today’s inspirational spark:


thank you for this day

Today’s inspirational spark:


the weekend was too short

Yes, the weekend was too short and vacations are never as long as we would like them to be and kids grow up and birthdays go too fast and friendships may not last and students graduate and desserts get eaten and airport goodbyes are hard and so on, but…


yes, i AM a boss

Today’s inspirational spark:

Have a boss of a day everyone! 🙂



happiness reminders

Having a tough time?

Need to better develop an attitude of gratitude?

Start small.

Try posting short happiness reminders around your house or apartment.

You can make your own little notes or better yet, have a family member or friend write them for you.  Someone close to me did that for me today and it meant a lot.  Now I have some special reminders wherever I happen to glance in my kitchen. 🙂


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