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After much thought, I have decided to spend more energy in/on other parts of my life, which means stepping away from The Sparks Project online. The journey has been very educational and enriching, and I want to thank all of you readers and visitors for your interest and support.

I send you love and light as this hummingbird takes flight to the next flower. 😉



P.S. Regular Posting

WordPress is hosting an experiment in “blogging motivation.”  I am curious about the process and thought “Why not?”

More information is available at .

Here’s to another beginning! 🙂




If you haven’t already come across the popular blog “1000 Awesome Things,” I highly recommend that you check it out:


1000 Awesome Things is basically a countdown of 1,000 really great things, people, actions, places, etc.  The site is updated every weekday.  It began in June of 2008.


Some reviews:

“1000 Awesome Things might be described as optimism for the rest of us. Sunny without being saccharine, it’s a countdown of life’s little joys that reads like a snappy Jerry Seinfeld monologue by way of Maria Von Trapp.” – The Vancouver Sun

“Neil Pasricha is the guru of small joys.” – The Toronto Star

“Strangely heartwarming… perfect for rainy days.” – The New Yorker

“Laugh-out-loud funny, tinged with just enough sarcastic nostalgia…” –



#974 High tens


Hello world!

Funny how the default title for a first post on WordPress is “Hello world!”  I didn’t even want to change the title because it is oh-so-appropriate.

And how appropriate for me to be starting this blog on July 4th as well, a day that is all about independence, beginnings, and fireworks.

The Sparks Project is my latest project. 🙂  For those who know me, I like to write, create my little niches in the big wide world that we live in, and learn new stuff.  Lately, I’ve been making some changes in my early 30s and hoping the good ones stick and the bad ones still have some kind of usefulness or otherwise get dropped.  Writing helps me process the “sparks” in my life and I also hope to share what works for me in case it can help others.  Please feel free to contribute your own “sparks,” too.



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