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a can of…

Today’s inspirational/professional spark:



This helped my productivity yesterday. 🙂



starting a garden

While walking my dog this morning, we happened upon this

new, unopened box of flower seeds:


I was thinking about my career while on the walk…

I am taking this as a sign to not be so impatient while I plant the seeds of my career.


still (sorta) standing

Took a second hit with another rejection email. Seriously? Back-to-back no’s? Well, what did I learn (again)?

  • My best friend is wise and knows just what to say at times like these.

  • Finding a fit is hard, especially when you are “mixed” professionally and personally.

  • Renewed respect for writers who

  • My dog really doesn’t care if I’m published or not.

  • It’s not allllll bad. Other parts of my job are going just fine, better than fine actually.

  • Something simple can shift you from blah to smiling… like the video I received via email yesterday and I’ve reposted below:




So I didn’t get a grant that I applied for, and well, that was pretty darn disappointing. At first I couldn’t get beyond the first paragraph with the whole “We regret to inform you…” part, but later when I reread the email I learned in the second paragraph that only 6.5% of applications were funded. Hmmm… One person told me that the funding organization should have indicated on their website that folks had a “snowball’s chance in hell” in getting support. While I appreciated the sympathetic tone of that comment, I still had a hard time reconciling the time and effort spent on the application and the non-result. Another person with an air of efficiency said to solicit feedback and then try again when the funding cycle opens up. His overall business-like attitude was both helpful and annoying; the latter because I’m not quite at the point of treating these applications as “just business,” though for my well-being I am slowly finding that I must do so. Getting funding and more importantly getting published feels so high-stakes at this stage of my career. I want and need to catch a break. All that I’ve read about writing says that failure and editing and resubmitting are all a natural part of the process. I think I can get on board with that better if I caught a break sooner rather than later…


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This woman is inspiring:

She has recently pursued her educational dream after many years of doing other things, namely raising a family and running a business.  When asked how she does it all, I was particularly interested to hear about her morning routine, which consists of inspirational reading (for her it is religious texts), a Spark Energy Drink, and then a run.  I find that this combination is very useful to me, too, though I usually walk the dog more than run. 🙂

I have been using Spark since June 12th of this year, and it’s been a great way to get vitamins in a drink form.  Because I’m petite and sensitive to caffeine, I don’t use a full scoop of powder, however.  A quarter of the scoop is pretty sufficient unless I plan on going for a long run in which case I use half or more of a scoop.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite conservative when it comes to health products, so I did a lot of research prior to making a purchase and started off slowly with the Advocare line of products.  I ended up liking the product so much that I became a distributor if you can believe it (!).  If you want to know more information, please visit .



in fashion & life: a lesson on boldness

In the online article below, 64-year-old designer and fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg shows her boldness and difference – characteristics that seem to have contributed to her great professional successes. 

Some favorite lines from the piece:

–> ‘‘I’ve always been a strong believer in saying what you want to accomplish out loud. But when you go into a meeting and say ‘I want to dress every Chinese woman’, people give you odd looks.’’

–> This modern fixation with perfection is ‘‘ridiculous and dangerous’’, she says. ‘‘But I think the pendulum will swing back the other way. The whole point about beauty is its imperfection.’’

–> So what’s the best thing about getting older? ‘‘That you have lived so much,’’ she says. ‘‘And the worst thing is that you have less time ahead. It’s very simple.’’


Diane von Furstenberg: “I used being a woman to my advantage”

April 7, 2011 from The Age

(opens in new window)



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