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partners in crime

When you can’t accomplish something on your own, it helps to have a partner in crime, but beware of getting caught:

These images come from Who knew such a funny-sad site existed?



if only

Imagine the productivity!



question of the day

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Does anyone know how cats tell time? It appears that the kitties have a particular morning schedule that I must abide by. Stage 1 is oldest cat meowing loudly for breakfast at the exact same time everyday. Stage 2 is a pat/paw to the face from the second cat if I miss the ten-minute window I apparently have been allotted to make my way from the bed to the kitchen. Hmmm…


cat facts prank

Today’s funny spark:

On Reddit, user frackyou wrote, “So my little cousin posted on FB [Facebook] that he was bored and gave everyone his new phone number…”



need nap now

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kittens to the rescue

Do you want to write a lot?  Do you need to write a lot?

Let’s kittens help you out, my friends:

Get a fresh kitten image for every 100, 200, 500, or 1000 words.  Tell me if this is not one of the best programs ever!

Website Description: Written Kitten was created by Skud, Emily and contributors. We like positive reinforcement, so we decided to make something a bit like writeordie but cuter and fuzzier. Images are randomly selected from Flickr’s “most interesting” photos matching the tags “kitten” and “cute”. Enjoy!

Extra Tip: Save your amazing typed work as you go. 🙂



have a better day than henri

Today’s funny spark:


Joyful Feast

I hope you have this much joy when eating healthy foods:





Maybe there is something to that whole raw food diet thing? 🙂



Which one are you today?

Today’s funny spark:

I searched online to find the original source of this funny gem, but can’t seem to locate it. 

If you happen to know, please drop a line.



no one’s purrrfect

Oh the temptations!

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