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“Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine.” Whoopi Goldberg

It’s interesting to me how a person can adapt (whether she wants to or not) to a “new normal.”  Over the past few weeks, my normal routine consists of home –> work –> hospital, which is repeated each day.  Sure there is some variation like every other day when the elderly cat adds to my morning chores because he throws up or traffic might be worse on certain days compared to others or I receive an unexpected compliment on something I wore that day, but overall the pattern is the same of home –> work –> hospital. 

That said, there is a particular kind of comfort and stability to the routine.  It sure beats chaotic uncertainty if you ask me.  And in this new normal, I am learning to find (or steal!) moments of joy.  I cheer my mother up with silly gossip and we giggle together.  I appreciate each run or walk with my dog just a little bit more.  I squeeze in time for dear friends and their life ups and downs.  I complain less and less because I am seeing my values and priorities more clearly, and because really, at the end of the day when all is said and done, my life is pretty darn good in spite of or even maybe because of the drama. 



Something New to Learn

There are a variety of ways to learn something new.  Reading, discussions, and workshops are just a few examples.  Given our technological advances, more and more people are turning to / experimenting with online videos as another method for teaching and learning.  The Khan Academy is a one-man university of sorts online.  There is now a whole non-profit team behind the project, and the number of videos and teaching endeavors is expanding.


Some of his tutorials may be useful to you.  The main website is at homepage says”With a library of over 2,400 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 125 practice exercises, we’re on a mission to help you learn whatever you want, whenever you want, at your own pace.”  What’s great, too, is that the whole video selection is free to viewers.


CNN posted a piece about the Khan Academy today as well:

Free learning videos go viral

By Salman Khan, Special to CNN
July 24, 2011 9:30 a.m. EDT

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