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special powers

Today’s inspirational spark:



Today’s inspirational spark:


dance to your own beat

Today’s inspirational spark:



Today’s funny spark:


just in case

Today’s funny spark:





a can of…

Today’s inspirational/professional spark:



This helped my productivity yesterday. 🙂



it’s been one of those weeks

Today’s funny spark (excuse the language or not) 🙂



explosive paradox

Today’s funny & special spark:

(…and if you haven’t checked out The Oatmeal, do so soon. 🙂 )



monday motivation

If you use Google to search for images using the term ” Monday,” you will find a lot of negative (though occasionally funny) stuff.

For example:



…BUT today I’m going to be positive and say:


And remember:



corny jokes

Today’s funny sparks:

  • Comic Tim Siedell – “Fascinating: Did you know you can just rip up a to-do list?”
  • Comic Janine Ditullio – “I finally have a dental plan: I chew on the other side.”
  • Amber Sandoe in Reader’s Digest – “What are those? asked my younger sister. She had just spotted the old encyclopedias our mother had unearthed in the basement. Mom tried to explain the concept of an encyclopedia to her, but it just wasn’t clicking. She finally blurted out, It’s like Google, but in a book.”
  • John Ernest Swapp in Reader’s Digest – “After serving 11 years in the Navy, I was discharged with-shall we say-a vastly increased vocabulary. This became evident one day as I drove with my five-year-old daughter. Everyone on the road was annoying me, and I let each of them know it. Eventually, my daughter asked, Daddy why are all the bad drivers around you and not Mommy?”




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