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Can’t decide yet if this is “cheating” at cooking  – 😉



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i bet it’s amazing

Oh, there’s so much to learn from animals… 

My dog faithfully waits near the kitchen whenever I’m in there.  He’s patient, quiet, and respectful of the process.  He doesn’t always get a doggie treat or a taste of whatever I’m cooking, but he is hopeful each time.  And when he does get something, he is most grateful

He also probably can’t see much or doesn’t understand what’s going on step-by-step when I’m making a snack or meal, but that doesn’t matter much, does it? 🙂




life in miniature

I came across this charming little YouTube video and thought I’d share a few lessons after viewing it:

#1 Growing up I learned that my family’s kitchen supplies were different from a lot of Americans.  It was strange at first to navigate my American grandmother’s kitchen.  I eventually got used to it during visits, but often missed utensils and ingredients from home.  It’s interesting how things that I thought were “normal” might be perceived as “abnormal” by others in the majority culture.  Little videos like the one below are a good reminder that there are a whole lot of people out there who can relate to my “normal.”

#2 I would have really liked this miniature set to have been available when I was a kid.  How cool would it have been to “play house” with stuff I actually recognized and liked?

#3 Sometimes working on a smaller scale is more interesting or fun.

#4 I’m guessing the person in the video is an adult, which makes me think of the lesson of tapping into your inner child.

#5 Cooking – whether for real or for play – can be a way to center, focus, or meditate.



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