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buy a fun pass people

If a child has a lemonade stand, stop and make a purchase.

If a child hands you a tea cup, graciously accept your role in the tea party.

If a child cracks a knock-knock joke, laugh heartily even if the joke doesn’t make sense or falls flat.

If a child uses chalk to make a hopscotch game on the sidewalk, smile and join in.

If a child shows you his/her collection  – be it bugs, stamps, postcards, stickers, sports cards, or toys – show some interest in return.

If a child decides on a whim to play tag, hide & seek, catch, or some other activity outdoors, don’t miss out on the joy and exercise.

And if a child builds a entire cardboard arcade, buy a fun pass people:


And here’s a follow-up article for Caine’s Arcade:


Modern Music Fusion

On April 14, 2011, a musician by the name of Kevin Olusola uploaded the following video to YouTube.  The arrangement for cello and beatbox gives “Julie-O” by Mark Summer a different spin:



Kevin Olusola is an accomplished cellist, saxophonist, beatboxer, and composer.  His personal website is .  According to his biography, Kevin combines jazz, classical, and hip-hop influences with beatboxing to create his own special style of music.


I appreciate this artist’s creativity and how he finds ways to fuse seemingly disparate musical approaches into a cohesive whole.  He’s making his own path, but building bridges in the process.



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