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dancing shoes

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dance to your own beat

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do the twist

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secret ingredient

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i meant to do that

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dance dance

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shake what your momma gave ya

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fitting lyrics

Today’s musical spark:

This was the song that Ms. Ellie Cole was said to have been listening to when she was videotaped in the clip below. I think the beats and lyrics are more fitting than the “Dancing Queen” song. Try playing Alesha Dixon’s “Knock Down” while watching Ms. Cole dance. 🙂

Here’s a clip of Ms. Cole speaking with the person who took the video of her at the bus stop:

I’m just a normal human being,” she says.

More of the story here:




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the cool kids

Today’s musical & art spark:

(1) Notice how many of the cold-weather countries have individuals dancing without coats? I guess people really do adapt to climates.

(2) Smiles and dancing can facilitate language barriers.

(3) Being silly can be a substitute for formal dancing. 🙂



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