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Making word clouds with Wordle is fun:

They make a great addition to websites or you can print them out for gifts.

[Example – I framed one for a co-worker after using her name and adjectives to describe her.]

First click “Create.” Paste a bunch of text into the box (or use a website address). Then play around with the fonts, colors, and word positions.


  • If you type the same word in the box multiple times (e.g., three or more), the larger it will appear in the final design.
  • To save the final design, take a screen shot and then save it in a JPEG format or other suitable format.
  • The FAQ page is quite helpful:



geeky rainbow

Just in case you need HTML codes for different colors in one place, here’s a useful link:





interested in some coloring?

To me, mandalas are very beautiful.  If you need to find some focus or meditate, mandalas can be useful tools.  Mandalas are also an interesting way to tap into your creative side or channel your inner child.

I happened to find a free website where you can download mandala designs.  Pick a quartet that you like, download, and then color to your heart’s content. 🙂

Here’s the link:

The website description states: “To relax and to improve concentration, there are many things that can be done. One of these is, in peace or with soft background music, to colour in a Mandala.  Mandala more or less means “circle” or “centre.” Shapes and patterns are added to a clearly calming centre point.

  • Mandalas are healing mediums for the soul
  • Mandalas are the merging of body, spirit and soul
  • They uncover your own creativity
  • You discover yourself and the real you
  • You master your every day life and stress easier
  • You become calm and gain trust and composure”




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