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a thousand hands

Today’s inspirational and art spark:

YouTube Description:

Guanyin or Kwanyin, the Goddess of Mercy.

~ China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, “Thousand-hand Guan Yin”

Guan Yin is a Chinese goddess.Feeling music through speakers and guided by hand gestures, a troupe of deaf dancers in Beijing take steps to champion the rights of disabled people across the world ~

“Being deaf and mute, these disabled female performers endure pain and suffering in vigorous training, simply to deliver a message of love to mankind.”



unabated joy

Today’s inspirational & funny spark:

I hope that you get the chance to feel unabated joy this week!

According to a news article, “Eight-year-old Max the springer spaniel had to stand down from active duty after he became crippled with hip, back and leg problems… He had to take early retirement from the drug enforcement team with Avon and Somerset Police after seven years of dedicated service. But his former colleagues were determined to look after him and paid for a special ‘chariot’ to help him fight his disabilities. The all-terrain device consists of two wheels attached to a frame strapped across his back to provide balance and support.”

You can read the full story at (dated 14 March 2008).


Exquisite indeed

Exquisite Creatures: Ability, Goodness, and

The X-Men

09 July 2011

(opens in new window; in English)


The essay is longer than the usual stuff online these days, but it is oh-so-worth it to read in its entirety.  The author exquisitely combines themes and life lessons from a Hollywood blockbuster movie, childhood experiences, literature, religious studies, history, and present-day parenting.  She weaves a narrative that blurs meanings (in a good way).  The piece is real in multiple senses of the word.



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