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Monday Morning

Today’s funny spark:


stress relief ball

Today’s funny spark:



Today’s funny spark:


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doggie language

Today’s art spark:

“Doggie Drawings” by Lili Chin:


homeward bound

Today’s funny spark:


(They say the doggie got home safe & sound.)


Source: via Reddit



Say Cheese!

Today’s funny spark:






don’t stop the music

This golden is golden. 🙂



i bet it’s amazing

Oh, there’s so much to learn from animals… 

My dog faithfully waits near the kitchen whenever I’m in there.  He’s patient, quiet, and respectful of the process.  He doesn’t always get a doggie treat or a taste of whatever I’m cooking, but he is hopeful each time.  And when he does get something, he is most grateful

He also probably can’t see much or doesn’t understand what’s going on step-by-step when I’m making a snack or meal, but that doesn’t matter much, does it? 🙂




unabated joy

Today’s inspirational & funny spark:

I hope that you get the chance to feel unabated joy this week!

According to a news article, “Eight-year-old Max the springer spaniel had to stand down from active duty after he became crippled with hip, back and leg problems… He had to take early retirement from the drug enforcement team with Avon and Somerset Police after seven years of dedicated service. But his former colleagues were determined to look after him and paid for a special ‘chariot’ to help him fight his disabilities. The all-terrain device consists of two wheels attached to a frame strapped across his back to provide balance and support.”

You can read the full story at (dated 14 March 2008).


If a dog can do it…

Well, if Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier can get up in the morning to do his exercise routine, I guess we humans can as well… Then again, he doooeeesss have a personal trainer.  I’m just sayin’. 🙂



More fun (and adorable) Jesse videos:



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