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Today’s musical & (financial!) spark:



a great little toy story

I remember trying to win a toy at a theme park for my sister when we were younger. It took me a long time and plenty of coins, but eventually I won a big stuffed dalmatian dog. We were beaming for the rest of the afternoon. I don’t know whatever happened to that prize, but I am glad to have the good memory.

So how cool are this gentleman’s carnival skills and how wonderful that he donates all of his winnings:

Who knew that such an “odd” skill could make such a difference for others?



Stamp Out Hunger Today

The United States Postal Service sponsors an annual food drive:

If you have any extra non-perishable food items (e.g., canned goods, rice, pasta, and bottled juice – no glass containers, though), please place a bag with your donations by your mailbox for your letter carrier to pick up and bring to a local food bank or pantry.

Today’s the day – Saturday, May 12, 2012 – to help stamp out hunger. 🙂

Here’s my bag:



Paws for a Cause

My dog and I participated in a charity walk this evening.  It was lots of fun… well, minus the part when my dog rolled in a dead opossum on the hiking trail, but let’s focus on the positive overall experience, shall we? 🙂 

Paws for a Cause website description:

“The Paws for a Cause program is a dog walking fundraiser offered in conjunction with the Recreational Sports Department and the Women’s Center within the Division of Student Affairs at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  The purpose of this program is to raise awareness of breast cancer, as well as local animal adoption opportunities, while raising funds for First Friday, a local organization that partners with Christus Spohn Hospital.  First Friday is the primary beneficiary for this event, as the funds raised from admissions to the event are donated to this organization in order to underwrite free mammograms for South Texans in need.”

The dog tolerated my silliness for a few seconds so I could take his photo.  I think the sunglasses looked better on him. 🙂










A Great Dane with fairy wings!





Even their bottoms were pink!








Knows how to shake and be stylish…







A bikini beauty…


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