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Today’s healthy spark:





sugar rush

Today’s healthy spark:

I happened to come across Grace Nasri’s post “10 Energy Drinks Not Worth the Sugar Rush” (06/21/11) over at and was pretty surprised by the comparisons made on the photo slideshow.  I knew that energy drinks had a lot of sugar in them, but wow!  I teach a night class and over time I noticed a variety of brands that my students use, and well, I’m thinking they probably don’t know these details:

You can find more complete (and interesting) comparisons of different energy drinks at .  There are also statistical charts for sports drinks, yogurts, protein powders, protein bars, chips, and soda on that website.  Goodness, there sure are a lot of unhealthy “healthy products” out there… 

I wish more folks knew about AdvoCare Spark as a much better alternative.  I wrote a very brief post last year about it here.  This kind of reminds me of several years ago when I was using Skype while I lived abroad and very few people had any idea about what I was talking about, let alone any kind of willingness to try it out at the time. *wink*


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