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Today’s art spark:



Today’s inspirational spark:


field trip

Today’s inspirational spark:



Today’s inspirational spark:


I happened to see this picture online and it reminded me of my grandmother. I used to visit her house during the holidays and loved her garden spaces. She encouraged attention to detail and an appreciation of nature.

that’s how it goes


starting a garden

While walking my dog this morning, we happened upon this

new, unopened box of flower seeds:


I was thinking about my career while on the walk…

I am taking this as a sign to not be so impatient while I plant the seeds of my career.


refuse to wither

Today’s musical spark:

Artist: Dolly Parton




stop & smell the roses

“Stop and smell the roses” is an old saying.  I don’t know much about the phrase’s origins, but it’s basically a gentle reminder to slow down and take your time, to just be, and to be grateful and happy for the beauty (and opportunities) around us.

Each time I go to the grocery store, I literally stop and smell the roses.  Try it some time.  You might like it. 🙂



hibiscus redux

Today I purchased a bodyboard for some beach fun:

I smiled at seeing the hibiscus flowers on the last board for sale in the size that I wanted.  Yesterday I posted a photo of a hibiscus flower on my balcony, so encountering a version of the flower again today was a nice surprise.

Here is a poem I found related to this hibiscus redux:

Hibiscus and Sparrow

by Raj Arumugam

it’s just a moment
with the hibiscus in bloom
and the sparrow in flight
chirping as it does, perhaps;
just a moment, perhaps all of it
in the stream of being and existence:
and me, just getting up from my chair



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