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Today’s funny spark:




young at heart



unabated joy

Today’s inspirational & funny spark:

I hope that you get the chance to feel unabated joy this week!

According to a news article, “Eight-year-old Max the springer spaniel had to stand down from active duty after he became crippled with hip, back and leg problems… He had to take early retirement from the drug enforcement team with Avon and Somerset Police after seven years of dedicated service. But his former colleagues were determined to look after him and paid for a special ‘chariot’ to help him fight his disabilities. The all-terrain device consists of two wheels attached to a frame strapped across his back to provide balance and support.”

You can read the full story at (dated 14 March 2008).


oh autumn!

Missing out on autumn this year since I no longer live in the Midwest.  I hope those of you living in the Midwest enjoy the pumpkins, cider and donuts, colorful leaves, corn mazes, haunted houses, the “stormy show” that is thunder and lightning, chili and cornbread, casseroles, and quilts. 

I found the following photo online and decided to post it in honor of the fall season, joyful experiences, and creativity:




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