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the opposite of the cone of shame

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pet pals

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balloon surprise

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‘Tis the Season

What does 1.5 hours in line, plenty of treats, & 28 dollars get you?

This, my friends, this:


Pluto tolerated the overall process, particularly since his friends – another dog named Sheila and her person – were present. We saw one dog sporting an actual tie for his formal family picture, which I must say was pretty cute. The others had holiday outfits, which truthfully they didn’t seem too pleased about wearing. People without pets,┬áincluding an unusual number of security guards, kept stopping to see and touch all of the dogs in line. They tended to have more smiles than the pet owners who were doing their best to manage their dogs’ energies and personalities given the various sounds, smells, and visuals of the mall. This was Pluto’s first visit with Santa, and I’m proud of him for doing well with new people and surroundings. If he can “put up with stuff” this month, well, then I can, too, right?


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