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Thank you and best wishes!

Thank you for the kindnesses and lessons in 2011.

May you be inspired and successful in 2012!



the art of paper folding

Today’s art spark:

More Information: Origami and the Legend of a Thousand Paper Cranes



don’t stop the music

This golden is golden. 🙂



lucky socks

Put on your lucky socks and do your thing. 🙂



laughter really is contagious

This winter, I hope you catch a case of the giggles and not a cold or the flu. 🙂



good intentions?

Today’s funny spark:

A funny example of good intentions, focusing on a goal, and/or forgiveness. 🙂



during the holidays & beyond

Today’s inspirational spark:

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


When you can’t get to the slopes…

Today’s art, musical, and healthy spark:

Segment from award-winning 70 min. film: “All.I.Can.” by Sherpas Cinema

Segment directed by Dave Mossop & JP Auclair

Location: Trail, Rossland, and Nelson, BC

Music: Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem


i was here

Today’s musical spark:

Artist: Beyoncé



think outside the box… and in, around, over, and under, too

Today’s art spark:

Artist: Steven Briand



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