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I just had a light bulb moment regarding my health and finances.

I regularly keep a food log, but I had not thought of my log in any financial way.  I don’t really know what possessed me to do so, but this evening I decided to fill the date cells in my Excel spreadsheet with color: yellow for when I ate at home or work and peachy-pink for when I had a meal at a restaurant or got take-away.

It appears I went on a spending spree last month without even realizing it. Although I did not eat at super-fancy-expensive places, this pattern is problematic. The frequency of spending, however small, certainly adds up AND I was not exactly picking the healthiest of selections when I did dine out or get takeaway.

When I looked into the matter further, I learned that the peachy-pink days were especially busy for me and/or stressful.  A day here and day there with my short-term memory did not seem like a big deal, but seeing the colors for a whole month at a glance, well, that’s much harder to ignore.

My goal for the month of June is to have far more yellow cells and fewer peachy-pink cells.

Do you have any specific tips about how to better integrate healthy eating with budgeting at the same time?



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