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Today’s healthy (and funny) spark:

You can click here for a slideshow about foods that dogs should avoid in general.


From WebMD

Quick List of No-No’s:



Candy & Gum

Cocoa, Chocolate, & White Chocolate

Coffee, Tea, Soda, & Other Caffeine Including Chocolate

Fat Trimmings & Cooked Bones


Grapes & Raisins

Macadamia Nuts

Milk & Other Dairy Products


Persimmons, Peaches, & Plums (Beware of seeds and pits!)

Raw Stuff (e.g., meat, eggs, fish, etc.)

Salty Foods

Sugary Foods

Yeast Dough


The Safe List:

Cooked Lean Meats Without Bones

Certain Fresh Fruits Without Seeds/Seeds Removed: Apples, Bananas, and Watermelon

Certain Fresh Veggies: Carrot Sticks, Green Beans, Cucumbers, and Zucchini

Cooked White Rice or Plain Pasta



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