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3 Words

Martha Beck wears several hats such as author, life coach, therapist, and sociologist.  She is no stranger to controversy or complications in life.  I haven’t read any of her books, but some of her short articles in O Magazine and online have resonated with me and other folks I know.  Here is one example:


How three powerful words can put you on the path to happiness

By Martha Beck,

February 21, 2011 11:28 a.m. EST





* The difference between a dangerous goal and a safe one has to do with parts of speech

* By using adjectives, you can focus on the quality of the experience you want to create

* Fess up to your real desires

*Make a list of three adjectives that describe how you feel in your dream-come-true scenario


For more information, check out Martha Beck’s website at





Fresh Perspective

Okay, so I have read my share of self-help stuff.  I’ve had many discussions with friends, family members, and scholars.  I’ve explored various techniques to feel, think, and do better.  Yet, I don’t know it all.  I’m still learning and growing.  I learned some valuable lessons from the video below, despite my initial skepticism about Tony Robbins.  Perhaps you can find some inspiration after watching the video, too.  You’ll need about an hour, and I recommend viewing the video in its entirety.

Starting Over: How to let go of the past and celebrate your life

(opens in new window; in English)



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