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I’d want a more stylish one, though

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The Great Outdoors

Seven steps to an awesome weekend:

Step 1. Be Princess for a Day at Wimberley Zipline Adventures in Texas Hill Country –


Step 2. Climb Prayer Mountain‘s 214 steps to see tons of butterflies at the top and some fantastic panoramic views of the Wimberley Valley –



Step 3. Set up camp in a gorgeous location like Guadalupe River State Park


Step 4. Laugh at the terribly burnt ugly breakfast pancake that only kinda-sorta tasted good.


Step 5. Laugh at the clever raccoon who unzipped (!) a bag and stole some veggie burgers, but decided that the raw stuff just didn’t hit the spot.


Step 6. Skip rocks on the Guadalupe River, or in my case, try to skip rocks a bunch of times; I was successful once. 😉


Step 7. Stand in absolute awe of the Natural Bridge Caverns (and ignore the hyper-frizz out of your curly hair that results from 99% humidity) –





i can relate

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This was my experience living in Chicago in 2012.


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pint-sized kid, Texas-sized heart

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Read about Cody here:



dallas drive

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I heart turtles.

Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island:

According to their website, “The founder of Sea Turtle, Inc. was Ila Fox Loetscher. She was originally from Iowa. Prior to her fame as “The Turtle Lady of South Padre”, Ila was well known as a pilot. She was the first licensed women pilot in both Iowa and Illinois! She was a contemporary and frequent correspondent of Amelia Earhart as well as one of the original “99’s” (a support group of women pilots organized in 1929).”

This is Allison. She is a very special Atlantic Green Sea Turtle:

Back in 2005, Allison survived a predator attack with one remaining flipper. With only one flipper, she swam in circles. In 2009, an intern designed a prosthetic device to help Allison swim better. Now she’s famous!

Check out the educational model of different shell sizes:

Adopt-a-Turtle Programs:

  • $10 for a hatchling (Bonus – You get to name it! I named mine “Damai,” which means “peace” in Indonesian.)
  • $30 to support a resident sea turtle (Choose Hang Ten, Merry Christmas, Scooter, Allison, Gerry, Fred, or MJ.)

One of the success boards at Sea Turtle Inc.:

One of the little guys (about two years old) with an injured flipper:

This is Gerry, the most popular resident turtle among visitors for his friendliness and willingness to have his picture taken.

He’s met Johnny Carson and David Letterman. Six degrees of separation! 🙂

Yup, turtles rule.

So remember to avoid plastic bags (or at least recycle them), don’t dump anything into the ocean or leave trash at the beach, and don’t release balloons since they look like jelly fish when they pop and fall into the water. Thanks!!!

run jenny run

South Padre Island Sand Crab

5K & 10K Nighttime Beach Run:

  • Last Saturday, April 28th, 2012.
  • My first 10K race at night.
  • Lots of friendly participants from a wide range of ages and abilities.
  • Totally fun.
  • Cool after-party with BBQ and music.
  • More information in case you’re interested in joining next year:

I still have some sore muscles, but it was worth it. 🙂




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Rest in Peace, Ben Breedlove.



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