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Thanks for your patience

I haven’t been online in a while. Thank you for your patience. I have been dealing with the loss of my father. This internet picture made me smile today. Hope it does the same for you.


attitude of gratitude

Today’s inspirational spark:


please and thank you

Today’s spark:



big time



Thursday Thank-You

Thank you!
Terima kasih!
Dhanyawaad / Dhannvaad!
Matur nuwun!
Doh je!

A special spontaneous THANKS on a random Thursday to all the WordPress bloggers and readers out there.

Thank you for lots of cool lessons, many reminders about the awesomeness to be found in the everydayness, and some much-needed laughs.

And to the supporters of The Sparks Project: You are simply TERRIFIC!




Thank you and best wishes!

Thank you for the kindnesses and lessons in 2011.

May you be inspired and successful in 2012!



call me old-fashioned

I mailed off a bunch of handwritten thank-you notes today to a group of new colleagues in my professional network.  Call me old-fashioned, but there was something special about putting pen to paper, the kind of paper that is artsy-craftsy, colorful, and cut in unique shapes.  I selected a funny quote to write on one side of the card and then wrote a quick thank-you on the other side.  I hope that the notes bring smiles to those who receive them.

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