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on vacay

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managing traffic

Today’s funny spark:


a truck and stars

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I’d want a more stylish one, though

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take two

I was supposed to leave for a big trip yesterday. Mechanical issues = first plane cancelled –> domino effect for all connecting flights. I have learned the following lessons (again):

(1) “Splurge” on the trip protection plan because it could be a necessity. Thankfully I had the foresight to purchase said protection plan and now the cogs are slowly, but surely turning to adjust my travel itinerary.

(2) Next time book a morning flight out of a smaller city if it’s possible in case you get bumped to an afternoon flight. The afternoon or evening flight means getting bumped to the next day.

(3) Work with the staff at the front desk. I noticed other passengers getting really frustrated and it only caused the staff to get stressed, and well, I think that negatively impacts their abilities to find solutions. I expressed sympathy and stayed quiet while the agent did her job and though the end result was not perfect, it was the best attempt.

(4) In case you lose your cell phone, be sure to have important numbers written or typed handy. I accidentally left my phone in my friend’s car, and I was glad I had people’s contact information because I apparently have not memorized anyone’s number but my own (!).

(5) Due to the cancellation, I ended up having time on my hands. What did I do? Well, I wound up watching a friend’s softball game of all things. It was fun. 🙂

I’m going to try to leave again today. Take two!


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the cool kids

Today’s musical & art spark:

(1) Notice how many of the cold-weather countries have individuals dancing without coats? I guess people really do adapt to climates.

(2) Smiles and dancing can facilitate language barriers.

(3) Being silly can be a substitute for formal dancing. 🙂



smile and wave

May you have a bit of joyful randomness today while at work, home, or during your travels:


the bus is cool

Today’s funny spark:

(Click on “CC” for English subtitles if needed)

Denmark’s Bus System:



beauty rest

The U.S. Men’s Basketball Team demonstrate the importance of beauty rest. 🙂







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