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After much thought, I have decided to spend more energy in/on other parts of my life, which means stepping away from The Sparks Project online. The journey has been very educational and enriching, and I want to thank all of you readers and visitors for your interest and support.

I send you love and light as this hummingbird takes flight to the next flower. 😉


writing process

Today’s professional spark:


word wheel

Today’s professional spark:



life stories in six words

Today’s art & inspirational spark:

From an old issue of Oprah Magazine last year… 

Mindy Kaling wore sequins to everything. – Mindy Kaling, 32, actress and comedian

Carjacked in the Tunnel of Love. – Cheryl Diane Kidder, 57

The good child—until I wasn’t. – Tara Hill, 44

Still fit into high school earrings. – Kimberly Kilroy, 53

Life gives lemons but no juicer. – Jordan Miller, 22

Recipe for failure. Changed my ingredients. – Antonee Boykin, 30

Write, mother, sleep. Repeat as needed. – Shonda Rhimes, 42, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and the new series Scandal

Every problem has a creative solution. – Donna Karan, 63, fashion designer


hard work

Today’s inspirational spark:

“There are two essential requirements for success. The first is “go-at-it-iveness” and the second is “stick-to-it-iveness.”

– Orison Swett Marden

Click here to read more about Orison Swett Marden’s story, especially about how his manuscript of 1,000+ pages was destroyed in a fire and how he managed to start all over again (!).


still (sorta) standing

Took a second hit with another rejection email. Seriously? Back-to-back no’s? Well, what did I learn (again)?

  • My best friend is wise and knows just what to say at times like these.

  • Finding a fit is hard, especially when you are “mixed” professionally and personally.

  • Renewed respect for writers who

  • My dog really doesn’t care if I’m published or not.

  • It’s not allllll bad. Other parts of my job are going just fine, better than fine actually.

  • Something simple can shift you from blah to smiling… like the video I received via email yesterday and I’ve reposted below:




So I didn’t get a grant that I applied for, and well, that was pretty darn disappointing. At first I couldn’t get beyond the first paragraph with the whole “We regret to inform you…” part, but later when I reread the email I learned in the second paragraph that only 6.5% of applications were funded. Hmmm… One person told me that the funding organization should have indicated on their website that folks had a “snowball’s chance in hell” in getting support. While I appreciated the sympathetic tone of that comment, I still had a hard time reconciling the time and effort spent on the application and the non-result. Another person with an air of efficiency said to solicit feedback and then try again when the funding cycle opens up. His overall business-like attitude was both helpful and annoying; the latter because I’m not quite at the point of treating these applications as “just business,” though for my well-being I am slowly finding that I must do so. Getting funding and more importantly getting published feels so high-stakes at this stage of my career. I want and need to catch a break. All that I’ve read about writing says that failure and editing and resubmitting are all a natural part of the process. I think I can get on board with that better if I caught a break sooner rather than later…


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plot twist

Today’s funny spark:


simple shapes




kittens to the rescue

Do you want to write a lot?  Do you need to write a lot?

Let’s kittens help you out, my friends:

Get a fresh kitten image for every 100, 200, 500, or 1000 words.  Tell me if this is not one of the best programs ever!

Website Description: Written Kitten was created by Skud, Emily and contributors. We like positive reinforcement, so we decided to make something a bit like writeordie but cuter and fuzzier. Images are randomly selected from Flickr’s “most interesting” photos matching the tags “kitten” and “cute”. Enjoy!

Extra Tip: Save your amazing typed work as you go. 🙂



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